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Integrate With Your Andon Lights To Move From Static Boards To A Real-Time Alerts

i3Teck Andon 
Visual Display
Management Software

i3Teck cost-effective & innovative Andon – Visual Display Management Solution monitors manufacturing environments, sends real-time information to visual & audible devices, and enables full customization of display templates for fixed & mobile devices.



  • Role-based alarms notify the right person at the right time based on alarm type and location

  • Integrate with you existing Andon lights system

  • Integrate with your MES or ERP systems

  • Digital alerts on operator HMIs and factory floor displays

  • Built-in reporting to track alerts over time and response time

  • Integrate machine related and non machine related issues

Dive Into Next Generation Andon System Power 

Transform To Perform - Live Lean, Cultivating Lean Culture


Role based security

to only see lines

operators are

assigned to.

Open Andon tickets

displayed by priority,

colour coded by status.

It has easy custom

configuration for

admin users.



Configured to the

display by specific 

sub-processor by 


Our visible alert system

can keep workers and

managers in the know,

letting them fix issues




Integration to MES

system to improve

downtime due to 

labour, material issues

to help improve OEE.

You’ll be able to go

beyond the logging

downtime to know

which line was down

and why across your

entire enterprise.



Average resolution

time on the basis of 

respective issue.

Program the custom

analytics for your specific needs. Date range

reporting includes YTD,

MTD, WTD, today,

the previous week,

& the previous month.

We Are 100% Committed

To Delivering Effective

Solutions & Exceptional

Value to You and Your Business.

i3Teck cloud-based Andon Center is a system to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problems.


The main objective is to improved communication between operators, supervisors, and engineers with digital broadcasting on the production floor. Many organizations have realized reduction in downtime to improve OEE and Quality.

Why Your Organization Needs Andon System ?

Must-Have Reason To Install New Generation Andon Software

  • Assembly station downtime due to material, engineering, and supervisory support is an on-going challenge for many organizations.


  • A lack of data relating to the root cause of each downtime incident is an issue for most of manufacturing sites. Many times, site management had no way to accurately measure total downtime of each station and the reason associated with the downtime.


  • Implementing I3’s Anadon system with built in reason code modules at each of the assembly stations which provides insight into downtime of the assembly line.

  • The modules captured the time and reason associated with each support request to provide the root cause of time loss on the floor.

How may we help?

For more information about our workings and outstanding services for specific industry expertise, we invite you to contact us today.


i3Teck Has Deployed It's Next Generation Andon System At Various Manufaturing Sites.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


Data is your biggest ally when trying to improve operations. Our Andon software goes beyond traditional systems to log all alerts and compile reports that can be integrated with your MES or ERP systems. You will be able to go beyond logging downtime to knowing what line was down and why—across your entire enterprise.

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