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Contract Life Cycle Management Solution Power By Microsoft Platform

Transform Your Relationship with Strategic Suppliers

Capturing Vendors Partnership



  • Buy-side contracts add more detail to the vendor-buyer relationship beyond what was agreed to in the quote, defining critical elements such as delivery terms, publicity rights, procedures for settling disputes, and much more.


  • The clauses and obligations within contracts are inundated with business-critical legal terms. Start and end dates, payment terms, service levels, customer support levels, warranty periods, and agreement values are all conveyed in your contracts.

  • With strong obligation management tied into ERP, you will not miss a deadline or lose track of a payment. Using built-in workflow and BOT automation from i3 CLM, a company can automate and streamline the process.

Unlock The Full Value In Your Sell-Side Contracts

Capturing Customers Compliance & Risk Management.

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  • To process renewals, sales reps and other involved parties need information quickly and accurately around the existing agreement, previous purchases, delivery performance to date (i.e., scorecard), payment performance, earn-out of incentives, and rebates.


  • In fact, sometimes businesses need to incorporate terms and conditions from existing agreements into a new agreement.


  • Put simply, the CPQ process feeds the CLM process, which in turn feeds the CPQ process.


  • Having CLM system integrated with CRM & CPQ, the account executives can get this information on their fingertips within CRM (Sales Force) system or in i3 CLM.

Process Of Making The Future

i3 Teck Customized Management Solution 

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  • Significant amount of time spend to get contract approve and signed by organization. However real value from contract can be only realized by managing obligations define in the contract.


  • If obligations aren’t managed, they can result in a significant loss of revenue, increase cost & create high risk: through automatic renewals, missed savings deadlines, inaccurate pricing & terms, and regulatory compliance penalties.


  • Establishing control over the contracting process from tracking, tracing, triggering and reporting on obligations is the key to maximizing contract value

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


i3 CLM tool powered by MS Flows and Power Automation systematically monitors buy or sell side contract terms and conditions allows operators to recover 10-12% of a contract’s value in leakage: costs associated with missed deadlines, regulatory penalties, missed SLAs and other failures of oversight.

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