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Harnessing Data To Revolutionize Fashion.

i3Teck believe in empowering a connected and circular future for fashion Industry. Successful fashion and apparel retail companies which are driven by innovative technology, positive customers and high performing operations, understands the need to partner with an organization that has an elite expertise in customer experience, behaviour and have the capability to positioned the company for successful future


We have got you covered with all the solutions you are searching for

Does Your Fashion And Apparel Retail Are Facing These Challenges?

  • Allocating stock between brick-and-mortar stores, websites and other channels to create a truly

        omnichannel experience. 

  • Managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs and adding new products on a regular basis.

  • Easily managing colour and size variants for each product without creating separate SKUs. 

  • Effectively planning production to ensure the products arrive in store at the optimal time 

  • Getting accurate real-time inventory and sales data across channels.

  • Disparate, legacy systems from point of sale to CRM that don’t “talk” to one another.

  • Lack of next-generation capabilities like true omnichannel or mobile sales.

  • Limited automation and workflows throughout the ordering and shipping process.

i3teck customized solutions for Apparel Retail Industry.

Customer Experience
  • Seamless omnichannel experience. 

  • Personalized customer journeys activations, and promotions to maximize customer value. 

  • Prespective merchandising optimization.

  • Online artificial-intellience-powered sales association.

  • Markdown optimization powered by advanced analytics.

  • Shelf, format, macro space optimization.

  • Store of the future.

Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Allocation of new collection merchandise (no sales historical record)

  • AA-Powered granular demand forecasting and replenishment.

  • IoT- enabled warehouse optimization and automatation.

  • Optimal wareshouse picking & slotting.

  • End-to-end digitalized supply-chain planning.

  • AA-Powered network, transport, & route optimization.

  • Platform for last-mile delivery.

Product Development & Support Function
  • Digital collection development and management.

  • End-to-end digitalized product management (including design, virtual sampling, production visibility).

  • Digitalized and robotized finance and back-office processes.

  • Talent and HR analytics.

I3 factor- why we are different?  

We help you chase the value, not the calendar.

  • i3 team emphasizing output versus process.


  • An agile approach to analytic project emphasizes progress over perfection— sprints are designed to produce prototypes, which can then be tested in real business settings as quickly as possible.


  • This model is a huge departure from the calendar driven world in which most apparel players operate, where all steps in the process are carefully planned months—if not years—in advance.


  • i3 team has helped many brands run their analytics program in agile fashion which translated in tangible results in weeks. 

Not everything matters- Prioritizing to Win

Here are three used cases i3 teck has help prioritized with various brands in apparel & footwear: 


Assortment Optimization

Improving a mix of basics versus fashion, establishing ideal size curves by product category, or balancing price points. 

Automating Manual

Replace the painstakingly manual store allocation process with analytics by building models that assign inventory while maximizing margins and reducing opportunity cost. 


Managing Inventory 

Clearing the excess stock, both to ensure liquidity and to make room for new collections to redistribute SKUs, transfer inventory to future seasons, or accelerate markdowns. 

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