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I3 cloud-based CLM offering ensures contractual obligations and milestones are met, services are delivered efficiently by the service providers, commercial risks are identified and managed effectively throughout the contract life cycle.

Turn contracts into digital assets

I3 Next Gen Andon system... Supply-Chain and Manufacturing solutions… The Building blocks for success. By combining best-of-breed software capabilities and advisory services, i3 delivers comprehensive solutions enabling enterprise to achieve a higher level of manufacturing and supply chain performance with real-time visibility and valuable insights into manufacturing operations  and Environment

Living Lean  Cultivating Lean Culture 

Dive Into the Next Generation  Of CLM & Andon Systems  Power by Microsoft Platform

i3 is a leading enterprise software, consulting, and integration services firm. We help companies improve, integrate, and innovate their businesses by providing software engineering services.

Digital transformation is hard. Digitizing your processes to operate more efficiently and create better experiences for customers and employees is essential for you to remain competitive. i3 partners with key business owner of following organization to help accelerate their digital journey.  I3 helps organizations scale rapidly by bringing in pre-build apps such as i3 CLM and i3 Andon system to jump start your digital jorney

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