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Our Mission

Create lasting value and a competitive advantage for our customers with innovative technology solutions that address their business challenges and drive their growth. We are committed to going extra mile to bring success to our customers, employees and community.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, i3 is Atlanta’s premier technology consulting firm, helps companies improve, integrate and innovate (i3) their businesses by offering services in Microsoft Platform from Support, Application Development to Platform Implementation. i3 was founded by an Executive team that has rich expertise in various business domain. Our team members have worked in Manufacturing, Medical, Government Services, Distribution Operations, Store Operations, and Supply Chain Management. We have a proven record of building highly scalable, world-class consulting processes that offer tremendous business advantages to our clients in the form of huge cost-benefits, definitive results and consistent project deliveries across the globe.




From RFP process to implementation, i3 resources can jump start your journey.

As specialists in technology-enabled innovation, we also help you envision new business models and ready your organization and your people for the future. Our consultants apply innovation to unlock trapped value within your organization, helping you embrace disruption and transform to lead in the future. i3 has offices in Central America, Asia and North America.


What differentiate i3 is our commitment, passion and proven methodology to work with business partners to deliver their objectives.


 We have many leavers to pull when it comes to providing value for our services.  We can form a team with using onshore, nearshore and offshore resources across globe.

Experienced Leadership across globe

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